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THE COPPER is purchased only from certified suppliers and the thickness is specified depending on the article purpose and on the type of cooking.

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the TIN

THE TIN is produced specifically for our company, with the most advanced technologies of refining to guarantee the highest purity and to compliance with international regulations. ruffoni tin

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These splendid creations have the dignity of a unique piece, worthy of a place on the table. These copper items are the most significant expression of the extraordinary technical and artistic ability of our master coppersmiths and with them we relive centuries of history, experiences and traditions. Suggested for cooking on the gas stove or in the oven, they are manufactured in solid copper of 1,0 to 1,5 mm. Tickness. Hammered and tin lined by hand on fire they have handles made of hand-cast brass, and so are the sculpted acorns decorating the lid’s handle, that add a crowning touch to the unique quality of the piece.

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Specialty Cookware
from Great Coppersmiths.


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