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Since 2007, millions of people across the globe have joined the ceramic non-stick revolution

GreenPan, we not only pride ourselves in healthy cookware, but in our evolving technologies. As the inventors of the ceramic non-stick cookware category, clever design and excellent functionality go hand in hand with new innovations. GreenPan’s R&D team is continuously coming up with new ideas and pushing the boundaries of healthy cooking technologies. Our latest cookware ranges now have our 5th evolution of coatings. It’s our very best ceramic non-stick to date as we have reinforced our Thermolon with diamonds making it more advanced in performance, durability and resilience.

green pan valencia Pro Collection
Valencia Pro Collection
The GreenPan™ Valencia Collection is the cookware of your dreams. The durable hard anodized body allows for maximum strength and scratch resistance and is complete with Magneto™ technology, featuring ferromagnetic particles reinforced with copper in the base to give you superior induction efficiency and cooking results on all stove tops. Magneto™ advances your induction cookware; it guarantees base stability, ensures your cookware will never warp and results in perfectly even cooking without the loss of energy or heat.
Venice Pro Collection
Our GreenPan Venice Pro is an eternal favorite. The multilayer stainless steel body is stylish, handy, and suitable for all cooking surfaces including induction and enforced with Evershine technology, applied to the exterior body of your cookware to avoid discoloration and keep your stainless steel looking new. The interior is coated with Thermolon Minerals Pro, now metal utensil safe and lasts even in the face of intense use and cleaning.
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From sand to non-stick wonder!
How Thermolon is made

The main material is a sand derivative.
Finally, the pan is cured in the oven with 60% less CO2 emissions compared to traditional non-stick!
The solution is then sprayed onto the body of the frypan without glues or additives.
By applying a Sol-Gel procedure, the sand derivative is transformed into a sprayable sollution. No need for any chemicals like PFAS.

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